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Summer Without Campers

Camp without campers is weird, to say the least.

I never realized how much I rely on summers at camp to give me energy and revive me for the rest of the year. While mowing and cleaning is good, honest work, working with kids is what I do. It’s my purpose and my passion.

In July I took the opportunity to go teach some local kids in Minot how to shoot a bow and arrow. It was such a blast. I got to work with them one-on-one to try something new and develop a skill, but more than that I got to guide them to problem solve and think critically, praise them when they remembered an important step, and encourage them to try again even after they missed the target.

My favorite part is always watching the gears turn as people are faced with a new challenge- as these kids felt the weight of the bow, the strength it takes to pull the string, and how the front-heavy foam tips of the indoor arrows make them feel and fly differently than you’d expect.

That is what I’ve been missing most. Our activities at camp are awesome, but the most important work we do is teach critical thinking and help kids develop personal growth. Those are the moments that give me life, and I can’t wait to get back to doing what we do best.

We are busy planning for summer 2021, and what is bound to be an ever-changing landscape leading up to it. It's difficult to picture what next summer will look like right now- yet we are choosing to look toward the future with hope. There are over 50 bible verses that discuss praising through the storm and keeping faith, through times of celebration and sorrow. As we hold tight to one another through the tempest that has been the year 2020, we look forward to the possibilities 2021 will bring.

Sending hope, and wishing you all the best from our camp of friendship,

Megan Kneifl

Camp Director

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