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AGES 10-15   •   $560

Explorer Camp is offered sessions 1-6 for campers with a high interest in the outdoors and exploration. 

New for this year, explorers camp will be split into three levels; beginner, intermediate, and advanced.  

Beginner Explorers (Sessions 1 & 4): This camp is for the kiddos who have never participated in Explorers camp but have an interest for the outdoors. Campers will learn basic fire and shelter building skills, how to canoe properly, plant and animal identification and more. 

Intermediate Explorers ( Sessions 2 & 5): This camp is for the campers who have completed at least one year of Explorers Camp. In Intermediate Explorers Camp, campers will review and build on previous skills that have been learned, learn how to meal plan and pack out meals, and go on a campout.

Advanced Explorers (Session 3 & 6): This camp is for the campers who have completed at least two years of Explorers Camp and want to continue to develop their outdoor skills. Campers will build on their previous knowledge, and adventure on a longer canoe trip and campout, with the goal of participating in Explorers Adventure Camp.

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