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When we look back on our time at Triangle Y Camp, it's impossible not to remember the times spent with new and old friends creating memories that truly last a lifetime. By giving back, our alumni and supporters ensure we have many more lifetimes of arts and crafts, skits and laughs, and friendships too. 



Triangle Y camp is a part of the Minot Family YMCA, a nonprofit 501(c)(3). In all we do we work to make our programs affordable and accessible, and serve our community. By raising funds we are able to mitigate the costs of maintaining our facility, make long-term facility and program improvements, and provide a robust financial assistance program. 

To make a donation online, click the button below, under Campaign, choose the "Campership" or "TYC Forever" Campaign. 


Camp would not be possible without the time and materials given by our volunteers every year. From trimming trees, painting signs, and donating gently used items, our volunteers do it all. We are always looking for help with small-scale projects, equipment, and things around camp. 

Some examples include: 

-Craft supplies and odds-and-ends for our Arts & Crafts creations 

-Costumes and props used for our skits and stories 

-Books (reading levels 1st-5th grade) for use as loaners in our camp library 

-Games, program supplies, and more

We also have an ever-growing list of projects and more expensive equipment we're working towards. This list includes: 

-Nine Square in the Air: This fun activity for our Sports Field gets nine people actively involved in a quick-moving game! 

-A DSLR Camera: We love to share photos of our campers creating new memories. A DSLR camera will allow us to continue taking pictures and video for keepsakes, parents, marketing and more. 

If you would live to give your time or materials to help with any projects, please contact our Camp Director at mgray@ymcaminot.org


"TYC Forever" is a volunteer-based campaign that is vital to sustaining Triangle Y Camp and supporting our mission to welcome all campers. Please considering using your time and social network to help us meet our goals, and raise funds and materials to keep Triangle Y Camp strong for many years to come. Sharing your experience at Triangle Y Camp can encourage many to help create that experience for others. Where some camp is good, more camp is better, and with your help we can continue to provide camp to many deserving youth in our community.