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It's Time!!!

Updated: Jan 17, 2023

If you have been ever so patiently waiting for camp candy sales to start, don't fret, the time is now! Our candy is in stock, and ready for you to sell! We have both the $1.00 and $2.00 boxes available. There is a change with the $2.00 box, instead of Mint Meltaways and Caramel Whirls, you will now find Pecan Clusters and more large sized chocolate bars.

Curious how candy sales work?

  • After registering for camp purchase boxes of candy for $60 a piece at the Minot Family YMCA.

    • There are two types of candy boxes​, $1 Candy Boxes​ with 60 candy bars inside and $2 Candy Boxes with 30 candy bars inside.

    • $30 of your box purchase goes towards your camp fee, the other $30 pays for the candy you just bought.

  • Sell the candy and receive your $60 back.

  • Bring the money back to the Minot Family YMCA to buy a new box of candy & start the entire process again!

  • Sell only 18 boxes of candy to earn your way to most camps!

If you have any questions about candy sales, please email our camp director Mallory at

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