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Covid 19 Update: 5/8/2020

Partial Cancellations, Information, and a bit of Hope.

Triangle Y Camp extended family, Due to the effects of the Covid-19 health crisis, the Camp Committee and Minot Family YMCA leadership want to inform you that we are cancelling Triangle Y Camp summer programming for the months of May and June. We will re-evaluate for the second half of our summer programming in early June. We have also decided to close the operation of our Alpine climbing tower for the 2020 summer season. Our state is reopening in phases, and summer camps are in the third phase of that plan. We have yet to know the true impact that Covid-19 will have on summer camps, and are still awaiting further guidelines to ensure that we are able to provide a safe and responsible environment for all who attend camp. We want to be confident that we can provide a fun and engaging experience that lasts a lifetime for our campers for years to come, and we want our campers to feel that same confidence every time they return to Triangle Y Camp. We have reached out to all of our camper parents, specialty camps, and rental groups via email to inform them of this decision, and work through our refund policy options, which can be found in the April 9th update on our website. This was not an easy decision. The factors that we used to make this decision aren’t necessarily the same ones that other camp programs will, or even should, use. Every situation is unique. While we believe this is the right decision for Triangle Y Camp, it is by no means a definitive guide for other camps. We are dedicated to being able to offer a quality experience for every participant. Our program relies on a growth-based outdoor experience, surrounded by new friends and fun activities, all designed to create confidence, develop new skills, and encourage connection. We are determined to be able to offer these opportunities again in the future. We can’t wait to share future adventures, and anticipate the time when we are able to be together again being even more impactful and meaningful. We look forward to being together soon.

Megan Kneifl Camp Director

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